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The Skilled Postpartum: centering postpartum care skills

The Skilled Postpartum

Birdsong Brooklyn's Nourished Postpartum Challenge

Day 1 of @birdsongbrooklyn#nourishedpostpartumchallenge The Skilled Postpartum: centering postpartum care skills ✨

A few weeks back @birdsongbrooklyn posted a postpartum proverb that hit me so deep in my heart space, I’ve been holding it close ever since, “I deserve the care I give others.” I’m weaving this proverb into the first prompt of this challenge.

I always planned to have as many postpartum doulas on hand as possible after my second birth. I didn’t plan to be in week 14 of a really tough lockdown. I didn’t plan to have to be my own postpartum doula. I’ve spent these last 3 + years since the birth of my first son not only contorting & expanding into Arlo & Indigo’s mum. But also training & learning about all things postpartum (& birth). Perhaps its all been in preparation for this moment because I’m happy to report that I’m a damn good postpartum doula!

Even in lockdown.

Even when its just me pouring the medicine on myself.

I’ve been giving myself space to process; talking myself down, around and back up again. Doing breath work to regulate the emotional and hormonal rollercoaster that is postpartum in lockdown. Mixing herbs, brewing teas & herbal infusions to support my heart, head & healing. Rubbing the tender parts of me with warm oils & whispering words of encouragement, grace & courage. Wrapping my belly with supporting fabric & love - not only to honor the first home of my babies, but also invite my organs back to their starting places. I’ve been leaning into receiving an abundant meal train, feeling nourished by friends and family.

It’s not perfect, physically healing from the precipitous birth of a 10lb baby with shoulder dystocia is not linear. But I don’t have waves of doubt or anxiety washing over me. What I have is skill and knowledge and knowing. It feels good to receive my own medicine and to honor my postpartum care skills. I can honestly say that I’m lucky to have myself as my postpartum doula, and that I deserve the care I give others. #showupforpostpartum

📸: bengkung belly bind, nourishing soup, freshly fed baby


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